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Why Hire a Marketing Agency at All??

Why hire a marketing agency? Many company owners ponder this question when eager to boost their operations and grow their market share. 

Whether you are new or established, getting your name or brand in front of the right people or your target market is another business problem to solve – and a big one at that.

Let’s discuss all the different reasons why investing in a marketing agency can create the path of least resistance to connecting with the people who need your products or services most.

Branding Matters

Branding Matters

Whether you are a sassy startup with ambition or an established business needing an image refresh, a marketing agency can help give your brand more definition and a push into the public eye. 

Uniformity across digital and physical media, such as website colors, fonts, brand voice, and logo, is critical in maintaining a solid branding campaign.

Advertising Has Changed

Launching and promoting your business today is more complicated than it once was. Years ago, companies could rely on traditional media like Yellow Pages and newspaper ads to build their businesses. However, the Internet shook things up and transformed the entire advertising landscape. 

Now, business owners have access to a dizzying array of digital channels, each providing opportunities to reach and engage with potential customers. But, like any endeavor, establishing a trustworthy presence on these platforms requires time, effort, and testing to find out what works and what doesn’t. 

When you hire a marketing company like Blue Noda to handle these tasks, they already understand how these platforms and digital ad systems work, eliminating the expensive learning curve that often comes with advertising on these expansive and complex networks without experience using them.

We offer guidance and help you to identify opportunities and develop strategies to broaden your reach, increase conversions, and grow your operations online.

For example, qualifying service-based businesses can benefit from securing a Google Guarantee. This certification boosts credibility and trust with potential clients, giving them extra confidence when they need a service provider. 

Further, well-managed and focused paid search advertising campaigns can prove a profit center for companies when the right person sees it at the right time. For example, the most responsive and competitive company often wins the business when emergency services are required. 

The Small Details Matter

While you might think that growing your business online is as simple as “having a website,” thousands of small details make a website perform at the highest levels. Among them:

  •     Responsive design
  •     Fast load times
  •     User-friendly UX navigation
  •     Optimized high-quality media
  •     SEO optimization
  •     Secure HTTPS protocol
  •     Engaging content
  •     Intuitive layout
  •     Consistent branding
  •     Easy-to-find contact information
  •     Social media integration
  •     Blog updates
  •     Testimonials and reviews
  •     Analytics integration
  •     Strong internal linking
  •     Relevant external links

And this is just the beginning! This list includes even more details, like adding meta tags and descriptions, compressing images and media, using a CDN to respond to server requests faster, and a lot more that experienced online marketing agencies handle behind the scenes. 

Think of your website as the “hub” for everyone visiting online. It must answer visitors’ questions and perform well doing so!

There Is Only So Much Time In A Day

For business owners with limited time, creating content calendars, updating the website with new posts, and handling multiple online marketing tasks might be challenging.

Partnering with a professional marketing agency is a diplomatic business move. Instead of adding pressure on yourself to “do more” for the company, you delegate these tasks to experts who “do them ” in their daily work. 

Their efforts, through organic and paid advertising methods, help increase visibility on critical platforms, including search results, social channels, local, and mobile.


They Help Uncover Opportunities

Professional Analytics integration provides businesses with valuable data about their site metrics. Analytics tracks multiple user session metrics to help uncover user patterns and behaviors. 

With this information, your marketing agency can dig deeper into your online presence, pinpoint what is working, explore potential areas for improvement, and identify potential new opportunities for growth. Among the areas where Analytics Integration helps give the competitive edge:

Advanced analytics is a powerful tool to help you grow your business from the digital side. Having a skilled marketing analyst available to interpret this information opens up new avenues for conversions, leads, and prospects.

Don't Miss Out By Not Hiring A Marketing Agency!

If the question is whether hiring a marketing agency is worth it, the resounding answer is yes! Start the conversation with Blue Noda, and let’s grow your business.

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