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Paid Search & Paid Social

We study audiences, demographics, and patterns in consumer behavior to maximize the results of a campaign through audience targeting as it is critical that the ads appeal to the intended audience.

Amplify Strategy with Artificial Intelligence

Paid media is a quick way for brands to reach potential customers while building a long-term organic strategy and amplifying the content that is resonating. Paid search and paid social are crucial for businesses that are looking to have an immediate impact.

We study audiences, demographics, and patterns in consumer behavior to maximize the results of a campaign through audience targeting as it is critical that the ads appeal to the intended audience.

And, in addition to the audience, we rely on an informed set of value-centric keywords and phrases.


We utilize AI technology with our partner ClickCease to protect your Ad spend by eliminating invalid traffic.

  • Prevent click fraud
  • block bots and.
  • improve your campaign’s ROAS.
Visitors & Click Analytics

Creating Successful Paid Campaigns.

Blue Noda creates and manages all of our client’s content creation, placement, iteration, and other campaign needs. Blue Noda’s campaigns are actively managed, optimize regularly, and driven by detailed reports. We stay on top of trends to keep our clients ahead of the competition. These campaigns provide an excellent opportunity to get our clients to the top of search results for queries and keywords by paying per click while waiting for SEO to improve rankings organically.

An effective landing pages push the user to convert into a lead and a future customer. Building ad-specific landing pages drives qualified leads to the next step in the sales process. And Blue Noda builds effective landing pages that capture qualified leads and convert them to calls and online sales.

Using SEO & Paid Together.​

While there are many unique benefits to SEO and Paid, the best approach is for businesses to build a digital marketing strategy that uses both. Paid campaigns can be minimized as organic results rise, and SEO content never expires. Users will always find them when they search for the keywords that SEO content covers. Paid drives traffic to websites before the long-term benefits of an SEO strategy take effect. And the landing pages will support both paid and organic campaigns meaning overall traffic efforts will grow.

Just looking for Paid Search right now? 

We are a proud partner with Spotter Advertising who boasts the following credentials for Paid Ads. Click the logo below and tell them Blue Sent You!

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Sales Nurturing Content

We create a messaging strategy that focuses on buyers’ needs. And we create content that convert leads and nurture opportunities to sales. Content is the fuel for building awareness, converting leads, and nurturing opportunities.

We create messaging and content that addresses buyers’ needs. Content is the fuel for growth. Buyers need to be inspired and educated to become active in their decision making, so content needs to not only attract prospects via value proposition but also convince a prospect to engage with your brand.

Blue Noda is a Content Agency.

Blue Noda is a content agency. Content strategy and content creation are the backbones of our overall marketing and sales initiatives. We improve how companies attract, educate, and convert buyers.

Our Lead Accelerator brings an integrated set of capabilities to accelerate growth, engage buyers, streamline marketing technologies, and align marketing and sales efforts. Our team of writers creates content for all stages of a prospect’s engagement.

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