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B2B Marketing

Blue Noda is a lead generation agency that drives growth for B2B companies. We focus on Inbound Marketing to build organic ranking to improve lead generation rates. We create a marketing strategy focusing on a single, critical metric that aligns with your business. We also create a lead management process to ensure that we are converting and nurturing leads to opportunities. And we accelerate the pipeline for B2B companies.

B2B marketing must generate results that help the business grow. Lead generation for B2B must focus on quality. Too many marketers focus on metrics that have little significance to business growth. Blue Noda focuses on creating and engaging qualified leads.

Our approach to lead generation is to transform marketing into a driver of results. We focus on the value of a brand in order to create a quality engagement that builds long-term brand integrity.

of B2B marketers
use content marketing as a
lead generation tactic
0 %
as many prospects
are generated from inbound as opposed to
outbound marketing but cost 62% less
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B2B Websites Must Be Lead Generation Engines.​

Your website should be your best lead-generation channel. When we design B2B websites, we focus on both design and performance–not just a pretty brochure. From lead generation to customer retention, we create the right solutions and manage campaigns that measurably improve business outcomes.

Wireframe Kit
of online experiences
begin with a search engine
0 %
of people who search on their smartphones for something
nearby will visit a business within a day
0 %
growth in mobile searches “_near me” over
a two year period
0 %

Improve Conversion Rates for Increased Lead Generation.

We help clients improve their lead conversion rate and sales-qualified lead conversion rate. We improve conversion rates from inbound marketing sources, allowing clients to migrate away from costly and ineffective paid lead sources. Specifically we:

  • Build traction with inital campaigns
  • Cut wasteful efforts and redundant platforms
  • Optimize and iterate to maximize lead quality
  • Scale successful efforts
    Report on data and insights
  • Drive short- and long-term planning and strategy

At Blue Noda We build strategies that focus on the buyer’s needs and value of the brand. We focus on results that matter to the business. We cut the clutter from marketing strategies, and we build programs to generate qualified leads that can become sales opportunities.

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