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Even the most successful firms and attorneys need a well-thought-out marketing strategy that can meet the changing demands and needs of their present and future clients

$670,000 in Increased Sales

While Blue Noda is a younger agency the people who back it are veterans in their own specialty. We had the pleasure of partnering with a Philadelphia Agency to enhance the organic presence of Moskowitz LLP: A Tax Law Firm located in San Francisco and Oakland CA.

Beyond SEO our founder, Andrea Salemi, was contracted to lead the implementation of KEAP marketing automation to customize their sales process to increase sales.

The results to the right show the following:

  • From November 2020 to March 31, 2021: We more than doubled organic traffic, and increased positioning and visibility
    186% increase in sessions
  • Won new keywords we were never ranking for before and pushed mid-ranking keywords into the top 1-3 seats in SERPS (this is an ongoing strategy to see more of the yellow bars in one of the last charts)
  • Archived and redirected old content on the site
  • Fixed all technical errors
  • Upgraded for web core vitals and mobile response
  • Executed content strategy for 4 blogs a month to amplify topic clusters
    Internal linking strategy
  • A fully customized automation program built out in Keap
  • Training for sales center
    Increase of $670K in Sales Revenue

150% Increase in Goal Conversions

Snippets from our Annual Presentation to the Moskowitz Team Above
and Examples of Advanced Keap Automation.
When you have the wrong partner

Marketing Can Feel Like BullSh%T...

Working with Andrea is a dream come true.
I have worked with her professionally for quite some time now and am still consistently amazed by her organization and execution but also with her ability to distill information and provide valuable insights whether it be tax law, the business of law, consumer user experience, and traditional digital marketing. She is an absolute gem to work with and I consider her to be a trusted advisor.
Elizabeth Prehn | Director of Marketing
Moskowitz LLP

Blue Noda is an agency equipped for legal. We understand the nuance you face in PPC, How to beat your competitors in organic and how to measure success.

The Statistics

of consumers look for a lawyer on their own, and many search online
0 %
of solo attorneys/small law firms do their own marketing
0 %
of law firms have a marketing budget
0 %
of firms say “no one” is responsible for marketing in their firms
0 %

Streamlining Strategy, Technology & Data Means Finding Your ROI by Channel

Blue Noda is a team of true consultants defined by 15+ years of experience within each channel and specialty, we have worked with enterprises across multiple industries with a special focus on B2B. It is within our experience that companies spin their wheels due to a broken foundation within their tech stack.

We work to clean up your CRM, add automation, connect platforms to share data, and bring sales, marketing, and finance dashboards that speak the truth.

Then we launch meaningful, multi-touchpoint campaigns.

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