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Why Law Firms Should Invest in SEO

Are you a lawyer contemplating the best ways to reach more clients who need your help and expertise? Whether you are a contract lawyer helping commercial clients review the terms and conditions of a new lease, a civil attorney advocating for victims, or a family lawyer assisting people to navigate delicate situations, your digital presence matters. 

It’s no secret that most people turn to the Internet for legal help or advice. So, it should come as no surprise that getting found among the top search results as a legal professional can be your ticket to growing your clientele base.

Why SEO Matters for Law Firms


Getting noticed and staying relevant online can be an uphill battle, especially in the fiercely competitive legal services profession. But, the good news is that savvy legal professionals understand that applying tested SEO strategies can transform this challenge into an opportunity. 

By strategically using long-tail keywords or specific, longer multiword phrases used by people searching online, you more easily connect with engaged prospects needing the counsel you provide. This targeted approach minimizes the chances of attracting unqualified leads.

For example, someone entangled in a family dispute is unlikely to reach out to a criminal attorney known for their prowess in handling DUI or DWI cases. 

By integrating precise long-tail keywords related to your specialty, like “family law attorney for custody disputes,” instead of the more generic search term “lawyer,” you streamline the user experience. Drilling down to your areas of expertise reduces misdirected or unserviceable visitors.

Time Is Of The Essence

Consider the client’s perspective: When they search for legal assistance, time is often of the essence. They’re looking for legal guidance and probably needed it yesterday. 

These prospective clients are likely under pressure, facing deadlines, or dealing with situations that impact their lives or businesses. 

When potential clients turn to the Internet for help, getting found first puts your law firm uniquely positioned to answer their questions and provide timely solutions.

Time Is Of The Essence

Advertising Is More Effective

Are you thinking about advertising? A legal website following search engine optimization practices makes online ads more effective. By covering your practice areas and service offerings on your website and running corresponding ads, people searching for legal help with specific issues or concerns know you can help.

Investing in search engine optimization saves money on ads. Why? A poorly performing website or one not optimized for search might result in overpaying for non-productive ads or clicks. Ideally, everything should align and match with the person’s request. If the ad is not a good “match,” the cost per click (CPC) increases. 

Alternatively, running ads to a well-optimized site can lower these costs because your page matches well with what people need. Calls, clicks, and customer acquisition are measurable conversion data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take for lawyers to get results from SEO?

A: Search engine optimization is a process. In some cases, changes in search results could occur within a couple of weeks, while others might require several months before their visibility in search engine result ranking changes. 

Q: Is SEO worth the investment for smaller law firms?

A: Absolutely. SEO levels the playing field, empowering smaller firms to compete with larger ones for online visibility. It’s an investment in your firm’s future and shows that you are an accessible and reliable legal advocate.

Q: Can I do SEO for my law firm myself?

A: While you can do many components of legal website SEO without help, working with a professional SEO company offers the expertise and strategic planning necessary to make significant impacts, especially in larger or more competitive market areas and legal specialties.

Investing In SEO Helps Your Law Firm Grow

As a legal firm or professional, investing in SEO gives you a professional edge over your competition and the chance to help more clients. Better online visibility places your firm in the “right place at the right time” when potential clients face legal challenges. 

For law firms of all sizes and legal specialties, a solid digital presence is vital to standing out, building trust, and growing their practice by advocating for more clients.

Are you considering a refresh for your law firm’s website, or are you interested in launching a new site that effortlessly ticks all the right optimization boxes, including SEO? Look no further. 

Blue Noda has the experience and know-how to boost your law firm’s online presence. Contact us to start the conversation if you’re ready to take your legal practice to the next level.

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