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HubSpot for Law Firms: Why It’s a Must Have for Your Tech Stack

Let’s face it. Navigating the massively bloated ecosystem that is marketing technology is daunting.

As a marketer for your firm, you’ve been tasked with finding the perfect CRM and marketing automation software that will allow for real-time tracking of your data. You start with a quick Google search for “CRM” and you’re immediately overwhelmed when it returns over a billion results. Then you remember you’ve heard of a plethora of niche, industry-specific platforms that claim to be a one and done for law firms, but when you sign up for the demo (or more like five demos this week alone, if you’re being honest) you quickly discover they don’t have the type of reporting you’ll need to show the partners that yes, your campaigns are working; and no, they can’t cut the marketing budget again next quarter. It’s a story we’ve heard time and time again.

Enter HubSpot for law firms. But what exactly is HubSpot?

With the many intricacies that come with running an efficient business, utilizing HubSpot for law firms can prove to be extremely beneficial. It is software that is built to grow and scale with you and your business as you strive to reach your goals year after year. While HubSpot is at its core a CRM, or customer relationship management software, used for storing current and prospective customer data in one central location, it offers the opportunity to utilize fully-customizable “hubs” that cater to your specific business needs. Keep what you need, dismiss the fluff – an approach surely anyone in legal can appreciate. Use their Marketing Hub to automate workflow and track data across all of your campaigns. Use their Sales Hub to manage your pipeline and close deals faster. Not ready to automate all of your business processes with custom automation – skip out on their Operations Hub.

What’s more - HubSpot has over 1,000 integrations.

Most law firms have millions upon millions of documents in their case files, so working with a platform like HubSpot that can easily integrate with your firm’s Case Management Software and not lose data in the process is key. We know how many DocuSigns you send in a day, and guess what? HubSpot’s integration allows for creating and sending your custom templates right from within its software.

But, do law firms use HubSpot?

With their highly data-driven platform you’re able to simplify many things that are often overlooked. They start with maintaining data. Making sure it is reliable and efficient. Segueing the clients into the flow of the business itself requires some specific steps of compartmentalizing data. Having the advantage of capitalizing on using HubSpot for law firms gives you the tools to categorize tickets, define complexity of legal deals, assess volume of requests and monitor the volume of how often tickets are touched (low maintenance, high maintenance). Does this client have more complex needs and more specific acclimations? Does this client want and need to know the ins and outs of every step that you proceed with? Or does this client favor some leisure time with a nice bottle of chianti and some capocollo, so try not to bother them too much until business is taken care of. Bada bing bada boom.

Keep the partners happy with KPIs to ensure the firm is on track to meet revenue goals.

Help HubSpot help you. It is proven to ease the navigation of your revenue and expenses for a more fluid budget. So, with that info locked in, what job gets assigned to who? The advantage you’ll have comes effortlessly when you have recourse to use HubSpot for law firms. With their KPIs (key performance indicators) you’re easily able to track employee productivity, overall volume pertaining towards automation and personal contact. You can focus on headcount; is your team increasing with your production and revenue? Or have you finally leveled out? Have you finally (finally!) created the perfect team while still increasing revenue at a substantial rate?

With these tools you’re able to customize your budget, gain control of expenses (Kathy in HR is basically the only person who drinks decaf at the firm), and monitor the volume of work and productivity (Paul can efficiently knock out three different litigation cases in record time, but Jeannette is undoubtedly the only person that your infamously incredulous client, Sarah, trusts with her case). With that, you have room for monitoring other important budgeting factors. You can focus on seasonal upticks (why do so many spouses choose to divorce during the Spring) and quarterly reviews (Paul is getting real swift with those litigation cases). These are all complex, yet, inevitable dynamics of such a colorful business of expertise. There is now a tool that exists to help you color coordinate your rainbow conglomerate.

So, how do we even begin to find the words appropriate to express gratitude for this saintly, efficient tool?

One that bridges the gap between the destruction and repair in a way that seems more relevant now than perhaps it has ever been. I guess like every other foundational form of human ingenuity that has evolved out of desperation (especially as it pertains to justice). Isn’t this why we all need lawyers?

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